ELEVEate project chart

The primary purpose of ELEVEate is to make high school education available to more youths, especially girls, in the Kaolack region of Senegal.  ELEVEate aims to accomplish this goal through a series of initiatives listed below.

Birth Certificates – Purchases birth certificates for girls who are unregistered so they can attend high school.

Public School Supplies Program – Provides school supplies, including books, for girls attending public school in the Kaolack region of Senegal. 

 Kaolack Summer School for Girls (KSSG) – A summer school dedicated to preparing girls for the High School Entrance Examination, and assisting girls already in high school who desire additional help.  KSSG is available to all girls in the Kaolack region in grades 6-12, at no charge.

Kaolack After School Tutorial Program – Provides teachers as tutors, at no charge, to help girl’s master lessons and do homework at ten different schools twice a week for two hours after school.

Summer School Supplies Program – Provides school supplies for girls attending the Kaolack Summer School for Girls.

School Uniform Subsidy Program – ELEVEate partners with families by providing grants to help cover the cost of school uniforms. 

Solar Puff Program – Provides solar-powered lanterns to girls so they can study and read in the evening since many homes lack electricity.

Health Awareness and Promotion Program – Provides health information needed to promote the adoption of nutrition-rich diets, sound sanitation practices, and reduce the prevalence of Malaria, water born parasites, and HIV/AIDS among girls and their families.

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